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MonitorOnly is a free service
to protect your online business

With MonitorOnly you guard
the availability of your website’s

1. Monitor the page load time with thresholds
2. Get an alert if your website is offline
3. Detailed reports for historical results

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Recent Posts

GoDaddy went NoDaddy

GoDaddy service provider has been under attack of hackers.
The attack has been a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS).
A member of Anonymous claimed the attack as an individual act.

Websites have been down for several hours and it ain’t over till it’s over.
Customers have been calling companies since their websites went offline.
And customers just brought their business elsewhere to online websites.
The strength of customer loyalty CAN be pushed to the limit… with ease!

Despite all efforts for protection it only takes one dude to take down the lot.
This proofs three things:

a. we remain very vulnerable, but ignore it
b. we trust our providers, but shouldn’t
c. we depend on availability but are not guarding it

MonitorOnly is a 100% free service to guard your uptime 24/7
Get your free app for Android or iPhone and avoid surprises.

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